Chiropractic Testimonials

"When I first came I suffer from bad hip pain walking was very tough. Now coming here I have lot less pain walking better and also resting better. The staff here is wonderful and very friendly and fits all my needs."

- Lawrence H.

"Have strong case of scoliosis (curvature of the spine) which has caused me strong back pain in lower back. Coming to chiropractor has helped me get relief. Stretching has also helped."

- Kris

"In December or 2017 I came to Kamper Chiropractor, Woodbridge due to immobility to walk and horrific pain in lower back, legs and ankles. After a few adjustments I was told it was my sciatica and a spinal misalignment. Within a few weeks, I regained my ability to walk without either crutches or cane. My quality of life was returning; I attribute this to all the adjustments given to me by Dr. Mark and continued by Dr. Mel. I've gained my ability to walk, sleep better and breathe better with the help of my Chiropractor and all the good advice to me."

- Isabelle S.

"I suffered from neck pain and back pain when I first visited. After coming for my followups I started to feel better. Thank God Dr. Mill was around to help with my back problems, she is great with what she does even though sometimes I feel as if she has broken me. Just kidding, thank you!"

- Nancy

"When I first arrived I was suffering from strong headaches, lower back pains and neck tension due to a bad car accident. Ever since my visits here at Kamper Chiropractic I have been feeling SO much better overall. Overall, I sleep better and function better throughout my days. I really appreciate everything Dr. Mel has done and continues to do for me, she is a true God send, everyone here really, are awesome! Carina says HI! (She's awesome too)"

- Rey V.

"When I first started coming to Kamper, Mel and the team I was in pain and could not go running and that also made my kids unhappy because we run together. About a week into my visits I was able to run with both kids int he stroller with no pain! My kids and I are very happy to return to the trails! Thank you!"

- Adam L.

"Thanks to Dr. Mel, I am sleeping better, am in less pain and have more energy."

- Kevin L.

"I came in with a headache and shoulder pain. I was in tears. Dr. Mel spent time to stretch me and teach me how to do them at home. After one visit I felt so much better and could sleep again. Thank you so much Dr. Mel."

- Veises G.

"During my pregnancy and after giving birth to my son I was suffering from lower back pain. Dr. Mel came to talk to my mother's group and answered all of my questions about chiropractic care. Even though I was very nervous about being adjusted she talked me through the whole process and is working with me to relieve all of my new aches and pain from being a new mom."

- Andree T.


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